Much more than Football


Generating a full stadium by offering a radically new experience for supporters and sponsors who want to commit themselves to this new initiative. The ingrained players, club & supporters must become a role model for football across the globe. With a fundamentally different holistic approach of players and supporters.

1) Focus on the football fans and all that is needed to fill the stadium, including festival quality food & drinks service, NBA like entertainment

2) Recruitment of players/coaches with a good reputation and exemplary for the youth.
Luis Suarez for example would not be welcome, not even if he would play for free…

3) 25% refund for all season ticket holders in case there has been no culpable trouble in the stands

4) Positive approach of opposing teams and away-supporters seated in mixed zones (Rugby as example)

5) Prohibition to complain to the referee, only the captain may discuss. Erroneous decisions in favour of FC Darlings will be corrected by own players fair=fair.

6) And most importantly provide a full day out experience for the entire family/group of friends with the game in a full & vibrant stadium as the highlight.

Are you excited and want to join the team?

We are looking for enthusiasts, investors, players, interns, people who think they can positively contribute in revolutionizing football in Amsterdam!

Message us and let us know how you can contribute!